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Braut line at octoberfest

Saturday, October 6th, 2012


Looking Back…

Tuesday, August 14th, 2012

So I was thinking just now while I’m at work, what would my life be like if I hadn’t met some of the people who have walked in and out of my life? I have met many people in my life, some of them still here, Joey, Christian, Mike Coker, Mike Stewart, Chris, Melissa, Kathryn Wilson, as well as the people who aren’t in my life anymore, Zach, Asheria, Theresa, Erick, Issac, Fallon, Donald (James), my ex wife Heidi, and other people who I have over the years forgotten. I also can’t forget the people, like Joey and Christian who come in and out of my life, but really never truly leave, we just loose contact, and when we reconnect, we pick up like we talked five minutes earlier, then there are the people I have just met, who I hope to know forever. It’s not very often I have these times of deep and rapid thought like I did today, a little while ago, but this one got me thinking.

Lets start with the first person, Joey. What could have happened in my life if I had never met you bro? Joey and I have known each other since just about the beginning, and we have been like brothers every since we can remember. It’s hard to think of what my life would be like without him since he has been part of it form the beginning, I might not be doing what I’m doing now if I had never met him, you never know… I could be in prison for all we know.

Now for Christian, the other person I have known for pretty much ever. Like Joey, I have known christian since going to Mother Lode Christian School, we just didn’t know it then. I used to go to MLCS with christian, and I was in class with is brother, and met him a few times, then I started going to Jamestown Elementary, and we lost contact… till Sonora High when we had a computer class together and became friends without even knowing we already were. Then he graduated and we drifted again, not meeting again till Fanime 06 I think. We had stopped for a rest at the tables, then just looked around and it was like “hey, I know you” and since then we haven’t drifted apart again, and I’m happy to have met Liz, his fiancee and we’re like one big family now. I also can’t think of what could have happened if I have never met either of them. I might not be where I am now if they hadn’t have been there for me in some of the toughest times in my life recently. I may not say it much, but I love you guys, and you really are family to me. I might be in who knows where Asia if you two hadn’t have been there for me. As well as Mike Coker, if you hadn’t have gotten me into school I might just be in who knows where Asia.

To all the friends I have met cause of Christian, Tits, Mike, Davis, all you guys. You’re great you really are. You make great gaming pals, even though you continually like to kill my character by doing stupid stuff, but I still love you all. I know I wouldn’t ever game as much as I do if it wasn’t for you guys, lol.

I can’t forget Paul either. Paul is awesome, and old. But still just as awesome. You always have words of wisdom to say, right when it’s needed to be said. You’re great, and your freebies are totally awesome!!!

Now to move on to the touchy subject of past loves. First off Melissa. I was with you for a very long time, and I would never trade those years for anything. You definitely helped me be the person I am today, and I’m still happy to know you and talk to you every so often when we have time to chat. You were there for me in high school when it sometimes felt like no one else was. You put up with me being over worked, and broke, and still loved me, and what little time we got to spend together, even with your parents hating me.

Now, I am going to put this section in as well, even though I’m sure none of the five people will ever read it. To Zach, Asheria, Theresa, Erick, and Issac. Think what you want about me, but I would have, and still would do anything for you in a heart beat. All you would need to do is ask. Labeling me a pathological liar was kinda harsh, and I’m more offended that you talked about stuff I say behind my back then you calling me that. Just because “some of the things I say never are the same” doesn’t mean I’m lieing, it just means that there are some things I wanted certain people to know, and other things I didn’t want other people to know. Like Zach, I would tell you almost anything, you were my bro, I would most certainly tell you more of a story then I would Asheria, or even Isaac and Erick. But just cause my story’s don’t match up doesn’t mean I’m lieing, it just means I didn’t want everyone to know everything. But I digress. My life at the end of high school, and after high school would have been very different if you five hadn’t have been in it. I’m glad to have known you, through he good and the bad. And Theresa… I can’t really say anything I want to here in public, not that you will ever read this nor care, but you really did make a huge impact on my life after I moved back from Idaho.

And so I don’t keep droning on, I will finish with Heidi. Although I never want to speak to you again, I will say this. You taught me much, like never to marry too early, don’t trust a psycho, and if you’re cheated on once, don’t expect that to be the only time…


In conclusion, all of you have helped shape my life, and I hope the ones who are here now, stay forever and help my make my life wonderful, because I will try to do the same for you. I’m always here for all of you, no questions asked. If I can, I will drop everything just to get in the car and help you out, and all of you know that. Thanks for being in my life, and I love you all. Thanks for reading this as well, I know you didn’t have to, but you did.

Back In Business

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Attention viewers and authors. We’re back in action, up and running, and on to posting. I’m going to slowly start adding the old features back, and getting it to look like it used to. But I’m also open to suggestions for new themes, and even might buy one if it’s good enough. Lets get this looking and working great guys!!! And as for the readers, don’t forget to give me suggestions as well, and feed back for the site.