Podcast or bust

Ok, so I’m wanting to start doing podcasts again, I need some help from the readers however. If you want podcasts, let us know, and also leave some ideas for us in the comments. If we get this going and make it a regular thing, then I will make an idea page for the podcasts, and also a place on here where you can listen, or as always you can find them on iTunes. But really, let me know, give me some ideas, and I will get the guys together and we will start making podcasts again, reviews or stuff, rants, or just random ramblings. Or if you’re really special you might get to hear some of our D&D, or RIFTS games, lol. But really let me know.


P.S. Also, I may let you in on some of the podcasts if you’re idea is good enough and if you’re cool enough.

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