The past is a funny thing. pt1

The past is a funny thing. I believe most intellectually developed people would look at it and deduce the belief that the past is a static thing. But is that, in fact, the case? It would certainly appear that way because we only experienced one past, or recall having experienced one past.  Add to that the fact that other people took part in what you remember, and they too, recall only one past, and it’s easy to come to the conclusion there is one, objective, past that all beings shared in.

 But is there really an objective absolute version of everything? If so, how would we know it? Let’s assume for a moment, the concept of deceiving others doesn’t exist, and you were able to spell out your account of everything from the furthest moment back you remember, to the moment you were currently experiencing. Would that be the truth? Now imagine whether we had your closest friend do the same, do you think they would match? I have a very good feeling they would not. Who is right you, your friend, neither, or both? Well, right relative to what, or who? Because relative to yourself, you’re right.
 I have witnessed this on multiple occasions, for example when a husband and wife recall a tale differently. In the absence of an absolute, objective version of their story, they are forced to face the fact that there is no objectively “true” version of the past. (In these scenarios the husband usually leveraged his culturally-ingrained sense of dominance and forced the wife to verbally acknowledge his inability to comprehend paradoxical truths by suppressing her truth)
 What you remember is arguably an important thing. Your thoughts and opinions are heavily influenced by your accumulated knowledge of something, and that knowledge, regardless of where it came from, is held as true within your mind. But here’s the kicker, everyone remembers things differently. If your version of the past is unique to you, and still true to you, but everyone else who exists or has existed has a different story they base all their thoughts and opinions off of, then an interesting concept is revealed. The past is not static, there is an infinite number of versions of it.

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